How Security Helped Avonmouth & Portbury Make News

In August of this year, large areas of land around Portbury and Avonmouth were sold off by Bristol City Council. The land sale amounted to around £10 million, and was mostly freehold land which was already occupied by the buyers of the land, the Bristol Port Company. This company was privatised in 1991, but it still had to lease the land on around 2,500 acres in the Portbury and Avonmouth areas. The Port Company were regularly investing money into the land and businesses on that land, and so the purchase of the acres makes practical sense for the future of Bristol Port.

Why is the sale different?

The purchase of Port freehold land is extremely rare in this country, with most privatised port companies preferring to simply have the lease on the freehold land. These leases can last for up to 150 years, but there is a risk in buying this land, and that is that it is not very well secured. Without proper fencing and teams of security guards, the land would be exposed to criminal activity. This places the company at risk of liability, and most companies are just not prepared to put money into land which could end up costing them. This means that any purchase of council land by the Port Company must come with a reasonable reliance upon security.

Security is vital for ports

With most ports under threat from immigrant arrivals into the UK, it is essential to be able to secure all areas of land owned by the Port Company. Land which is leased is not necessarily as highly secured, since the land belongs to the local council, and they have to take responsibility for the security of their land. Lack of efficient security within the property falls back onto the Port Company when they purchase the land.

Creating better security at the Ports

If you are concerned about the amount of security required by ports in the area, then you should be reassured by the news of the sale. The money which has been raised by the selling of the freeholds means that the council has an extra 10 million in the bank that can now be used to help the people of Portbury and Avonmouth. With extra security companies in Avonmouth port, and more money in the council, this seems like a win-win situation for everyone.

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Are Avonmouth Businesses Cutting Back on Crime?

The current financial crisis has left many Avonmouth businesses struggling to make ends meet. High taxation and building rental, plus a fall in sales and trading have left many looking for ways to tighten their belts. While most companies in the Avonmouth area are known for being well secured, the lack of finances has seen some businesses choose to focus upon theft, and add even more security to their current in-house presence. Adding more security in Avonmouth is designed to help businesses avoid losses from thefts, and also encourage customers to feel safe within the premises, two steps which can increase profits.

What about crime?

Naturally, residents and businesses in Avonmouth are both concerned about crime. Avonmouth had been seeing a rise in crime for most of the current decade, with 50 crimes being reported in January 2011, and 63 crimes reported for the same month in 2012. However, businesses have been taking action to stop the number of thefts and issues within the last few years, so that by January 2013 only 37 crimes were reported. There are several reasons why this success has occurred in Avonmouth, while other towns are struggling with rising crime.

What has been done?

The main way in which crime has been tackled in Avonmouth is by increasing the general public’s awareness of crime problems. Encouraging customers to be aware of issues with crime means that businesses can have nearby residents installing alarms and cameras which help to protect the entire neighbourhood, and deters thieves, making them look outside of the area. A second boost has been businesses’ focus upon their security, with more and more shops seeking to protect themselves by hiring more security guards in Avonmouth shops. These measures have helped to dramatically reduce crime in the area.

What is the future for security in Avonmouth?

When businesses are considering tightening their belts for the next seasons, they will naturally look at areas which are not working first. Since security is working so effectively, and they are able to manage their problem with shoplifting by employing more security guards and security companies, this is not likely to be a target for economy drives. In fact, as money gets tighter, businesses are more likely to be investing in the security of their shops by adding more personnel and using even more restrictive measures to prevent thefts from their stores.

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Security in Portbury Still Top Notch

If you’ve ever fancied living or working in a place where crime is practically non-existent, and the news rarely has anything miserable to report (other than to complain about road works), then it’s possible Portbury is the place for you.

Just a short way away from Portishead, Portbury is a village and civil parish in the heart of Somerset.  But unlike its slightly larger neighbouring area Portishead, Portbury is relatively quiet, peaceful and secure.

Portbury is perhaps the most well-known for its rich history, and is even mentioned in the Liber Exoniensis as having been gifted by William The Conqueror to one of his favourite bishops, Geoffrey De Montbray.

Portbury Crime and Security Statistics

According to, only 11 crimes were reported in December 2014. And if you’re running a retail business in Portbury, you’ll be very pleased to learn that of these 11 crimes reported, absolutely none of them were categorised as Shoplifting. In fact, you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a single instance of shoplifting in Portbury at all – over the course of the whole of 2014 (yes, that’s one full year) there were only two reported incidents of Shoplifting.

In fact, the biggest crime in Portbury is general theft, accounting for around 40% of crimes throughout 2014. But even then, there were only 63 reported incidents for the entire year, and there were no reported incidents of ‘Theft From Person’ or ‘Possessing Weaponry’ at all – zero.

What Are Portbury’s Security Issues?

So if Portbury is relatively peaceful, secure and very low on crime, what should we be worrying about when visiting the lovely village?

Well according to the website, there is indeed one specific area of focus the police are really trying to clamp down on: Speeding.

And although we don’t want to make speeding seem as if it isn’t an issue, I think it’s pretty safe to agree that when speeding is the only thing worrying our police force, then the area is in pretty good shape.

Of course, security can become an issue anywhere whenever we fail to maintain our good practice. Residents are as always encouraged to maintain security good practice in the form of burglar alarms and general personal safety; businesses, too, are reminded of the importance of installing high-quality CCTV and good, working alarm systems. Key holding and alarm response services are also great suggestions for businesses without the need for a full-time security guard.

But all in all, well done, people of Portbury – keep up the good work.



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Avonmouth & Keynsham Security Statistics

Avonmouth and Keynsham are two neighbouring locations that are separated by just an hour’s bus ride, or 20 minutes in a car. But although close together, these two locations are impacted by significantly different rates of crime.

Businesses operating in Avonmouth or Keynsham might be interested to learn the different trends that impact their specific area, and how security in Avonmouth and Keynsham might be affected by each different trend.

Avonmouth & Keynsham Security & Crime Compared

Avonmouth had the highest overall number of reported crimes for the month of December 2014. With 83 total reported crimes according to, this number was significantly higher than the 67 total reported crimes in Keynsham.

However, the most common crime types were very different.

Avonmouth’s top crime type was anti social behaviour, which accounted for more than a quarter of all crimes for that month. Keynsham’s anti social behaviour crimes accounted for only 10% of overall crime for the same month and instead their most common crimes were General Theft, Violence and Sexual Crime, and Criminal Damage and Arson – these all accounted for around 50% of their combined total crime.

When looking at Avonmouth and Keynsham side by side, it seems that although you are more likely to be affected by crime in general in Avonmouth, the types of crime can expect in Keynsham are considerably ‘worse’ (worse being an admittedly subjective term). In particular, Criminal Damage and Arson – accounting for around 12% of crimes reported in December in Keynsham – is a worrying statistic that demonstrates how much businesses in Keynsham need to focus their security efforts around protecting their physical assets and belongings, as opposed to controlling general unpleasant and disruptive behaviour.

One Message Applies to Both Areas

Although security efforts can be adjusted somewhat to account for different types of crime trends, the message is clear that business owners in both Keynsham and Avonmouth need to keep a close eye on their security and ensure they have measures in place to protect their business, their customers, their staff, and themselves. The cost of security when compared to the cost of crime is, generally speaking, significantly lower – in other words, an investment into security services will generally result in a lower overall spend due to the reduced cost of paying for crime. This was evidenced to a degree in a Home Office report which we cover in a separate article, but you can find the results of their report by visiting their website.

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Portbury Security & Crime Statistics & Predictions for 2014

Security isn’t all down to our police force. It’s down to the personal and commercial measures we take ourselves, and if we let our end slide – such as forgetting to fix that burglar alarm, failing to renew that contract with the Portbury security company our company uses – can actually have a gradual impact on the levels of crime we see.

Security in Portbury could be regarded by many as good. But if we take a look at just a few of the statistics on the crime reporting system, we can see that this year, security in Portbury appears to be following a worrying trend.

Is Crime in Portbury Getting Worse Throughout 2014?

If we look at the map for Portbury on, one thing will strike as quite blatant:

  • In January 2014, a total of 7 crimes were recorded as reported
  • In February 2014, a total of 11 crimes were recorded as reported
  • In March 2014, a total of 13 crimes were recorded as reported

In and of itself, the numbers are far from staggering – in fact, if we compared a similar-sized location closer to Bristol centre, we’d find the number of reported crimes were far higher. But the very fact that for the first 3 months of 2014, crime in Portbury has increased consistently, is worrying.

What Types of Crime, and How to Ensure Crime Stops Rising and Portbury Security Improves for 2014

In total, the crimes reported for March 2014 were as follows:

–          Burglary and Theft: 6 out of 13 crimes

–          Anti-Social Behaviour: 3 out of 13 crimes

–          Criminal Damage, Vehicle Crime & Violent or Sexual Offences: 4 out of 13 crimes

Although as businesses looking out for security in Portbury we are not in a position to improve residential crime figures such as Burglary, we are certainly in a position to lower crime figures that occur on or around our business premises. And this is as simple as installing CCTV, hiring a security guard in Portbury, and ensuring our properties are kept watch even during closed hours.

In fact, the very presence of a security guard can completely stop anti-social behaviour in many cases, and there are plenty of stories in the news regarding security guards who have prevented the theft of a vehicle, serious damage to a property and even broken up violence.

We support our police force fully. But is there more we could be doing, as business owners, to improve the security in Portbury?


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Good News for Bristol Security Guard Attacked By Machete

When armed robbers slashed a security guard’s arm with a machete in Bristol recently, they expected to make off with the heavy box of cash he was carrying. And in fact to a point, they did! But according to this report by the Bristol Post they were snapped shortly after on a witness’s camera phone… being driven away from the scene by one of the robber’s heavily pregnant girlfriend.

Brave Bristol Security Guard Puts Up a Fight

Mark Badman and Scott Davenport – who are now going through court proceedings after being identified to the police – decided recently to target the cash box of Bristol security guard Shaun Bush, who was protecting the money as he transferred it to the Tesco Express store in Stoke Gifford.
However, Mr Bush was not a Bristol security guard to give up easily – he even took a punch to the face without giving the box of ash away. In fact, after being pushed to the ground still holding tightly to the cash he had been hired to protect, it was only a slash to his left arm with a large sharp knife that caused him to release his grip.
Many people are singing Mr Bush as a hero, although it understandably worried his wife, reports the article.

Heavily Pregnant Getaway Driver

Once in their van, the robbers were whisked away by one of their girlfriends who happened to be heavily pregnant, reports the article.
It goes on to say though, that as they were making their escape after their fight with the brave Bristol security guard, a witness in a van snapped their pictures and caught the registration plate of the getaway vehicle which, ultimately, led to their identification being worked out by police, and their subsequent arrest.

“I Didn’t Know a Machete Would Be Involved” Pleads Robber in Court

Perhaps one of the more interesting parts of the story, is that Mr Badman – the criminal who punched the Bristol security guard when he refused to give up the cash – claimed to know nothing of the machete, and only took part in the crime not realising the machete would be involved.
He stated his actions were the actions of a foolish desperate man who wanted to start a family with his girlfriend, states the article.
Court proceedings surrounding the case continue to unfold, but the judge presiding the trial has awarded the brave Bristol security guard a £250 payout for displaying bravery and helping to bring this pair of criminals to justice.

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People VS Technology: Three Ways Working for a Bristol Security Guard Company Provides a Competitive Edge for Bristol Businesses

Do you ever feel like an insignificant cog in the great machine that is more commonly referred to as your employment?

It seems that technology is taking over our world, and that bit by bit, people are being replaced by machines that are starting to do our jobs for us. Whereas once, businesses may have used receptionists to divert callers, for example, it seems that now all we ever speak to is an automated service that gives us our options and responds to our button pressing.

But does technology mark the end of human value everywhere? Does it mean that eventually there will be no jobs left, and only artificial intelligence to do what humans used to? We think not.

Security Guards Unlikely to Be Replaced

See, if you’re considering getting a job with a Bristol security guard company, the value of your work cannot easily be replaced by technology. For example:

–          CCTV Cameras CAN ‘Watch’ Your Premises: OK, so it’s true that before CCTV things went on somebody spotting something and nothing else. So it might be sensible to think that the introduction of CCTV (more than 50 years ago now) is likely to start replacing the need for security guards. Right? Wrong:

–          CCTV Cameras CANNOT Do Anything About What They See: When’s the last time you saw a camera jump up from its stand and chase a shoplifter until he or she gave back the goods they had stolen? Chances are, never. Whilst CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras can indeed give better visibility to a premise, they still need a human touch – somebody to operate them; somebody to monitor activity caught by them; somebody to turn evidence into action.

The fact is, in roles that require person to person interaction such as roles you might expect to play working for a Bristol security guard company, it is still very difficult to imagine technology taking over. Unless of course you’re a fan of modern science fiction movies in which robots take over the world and even catch criminals (think Robo Cop)!

So if you’re worried about your career but are considering working for a Bristol security guard company, we say you’re in luck – there’s definitely a place for you, and one that won’t be taken over for at least another 50 years (we hope!).

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Weston Super Mare Security Services Tackle All Areas of Crime

With recent news coming to light regarding Gloucestershire police commending Weston Super Mare residents on their vigilance (following the tip-off that led to the arrest of serial burglar Nathan Hibberd), businesses in and around the local area are quite rightly asking “What can we do to improve our Weston Super Mare security?”.

Burglary – although now seemingly on the decline for the area – is a problem, but is not the only problem. Weston Super Mare security is constantly fighting an ever changing wave of crime, and businesses need to be sharp and responsive if they want to protect their assets, their staff and, ultimately, their bottom line (profits).

Weston Super Mare Security to Tackle Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is a common example of a crime that impacts businesses in the Weston Super Mare area. In July this year alone, 254 incidents – more than half of all crimes reported – were down to anti-social behaviour. Hiring the services of a professional Weston Super Mare security team however, can significantly improve a business’s chances of warding away loiterers and disturbances from near their premises, greatly improving business not just for them but the area as a whole.

Security services reduce anti-social behaviour in more ways than one.


–          The presence of a security guard alone can help those who may engage in anti-social activity to realise that their behaviour will not be tolerated, and encourage them to steer clear of the area

–          A security guard on-site can help to spot crime if it occurs, leading to swift prosecution and sending out a clear message to future criminals that crime is not accepted

–          Improving the behaviour in an area through Weston Super Mare security services also helps residents nearby to feel safer and less threatened, improving the wider chances of local industry soaring

How to Hire Professional Weston Super Mare Security

Finding a security team is easy. Finding a professional security team is a little bit harder.

But providing the team you enlist demonstrates certain qualities, you’re onto a winner.

SIA certificates are a great place to start – they demonstrate that security guards have proven themselves as competent professionals, and are legally allowed to provide security services. Look for the SIA badge with every professional you consider, as it is not allowed for them to practice without it and could lead to complications for your business.


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Security News for Weston Super Mare

There’s always something happening in Weston Super Mare. Security is an every-present issue though, and for residents and businesses, it’s not always good news – but recently, police have commended the efforts of residents’ community spirit in their appropriate use of emergency telephone number 999, with one call in particular leading to the arrest of serial burglar Nathan Hibberd in July.

More than 200 Burglary Track Record

Found crouching in the garden of a Weston Super Mare resident, This Is Gloucestershire reported that it was this fast-acting 999 tip off response to suspicious activity that ultimately led to the arrest of Nathan Hibberd in July, who had skipped bail for more than 200 burglary convictions.

The key messages police are trying to put out to the public in terms of Weston Super Mare security, are:

–          Suspicious activity should be reported. Unfortunately, the number of people who abuse the 999 service make genuine would-be callers reluctant to report crime – but if suspicious activity is spotted, it is in the best interests of residents’ Weston Super Mare security to report it to the authorities. In this case, it led to a significant arrest.

–          Members of the public need to learn to spot suspicious activity. “A burglar may knock on the door, wait and then go back later if no-one answers” says Kim Mowday , a home security advisor for Gloucestershire police, according to the report. “It’s that kind of activity we want people to report”.

Weston Super Mare – A Burglar’s Playground?

Despite the above criminal’s track record of more than 200 burglaries, the statistics for burglary in Weston Super Mare actually appear to be declining – a big win for Weston Super Mare security.

According to the public database held on Police.Uk, January saw a total of 26 burglaries reported (out of a total crime figure of 414, giving burglary a little more than  a 6% total share). 3 months later, the figures for April showed only 20 reported burglaries (again, out of a total crime figure of 414 giving burglary a reduced share of less than 5%), and these figures dropped even lower for the month of July, with burglaries accounting for only 11 out of 461 crimes reported – a total share of only 2.3%.

These figures certainly suggest that as far as Weston Super Mare security is concerned, burglary is a crime that is dropping in regularity – and for that, we owe thanks in part to vigilant residents and their ability to spot and report suspicious activity.

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