The quaint suburb of Portbury is known for its community spirit, hospitable atmosphere and strategic Bristol location.

Although it’s a beautiful place however, as with anywhere it’s had its fair share of disaster which goes to reiterate the need for businesses to keep their Portbury security actions active.

Portbury Security – A fiery encounter

Portbury has had plenty of community achievements and many individuals have received recognition for their hard work and community efforts, but on the 2nd May 2012, North Somerset Times reported an incident that wasn’t quite so happy.

The incident was a blaze which started on Wharf lane, a fire which needed the response of the fire department to tackle.

Luckily, nobody was reported to have been hurt and the fire was believed to have been started accidentally – but it still reminds us to focus on situations where more foul work is afoot.

Portbury Security – The Numbers

Despite this story highlighting a fire that was accidental, the month previous there was a reported incident falling under the category of ‘arson and criminal damage’ – a category that covers events that involve the deliberate damage or alighting of property for malicious and non-permitted reasons.

The February before that, there was another similarly categorised incident, and in December 2011 another incident of the same nature.

This may be a low number of reported incidents, but the message is clear: Crime still exists even in a close knit community such as Portbury, and security firms need to be employed by businesses who wish to rid the town of such.

How a Portbury Security Company Can Help

When it comes to deliberate arson and damage, this kind of crime most often occurs when nobody is about.

Quite simply, employing the services of security guards to watch a business owner’s premise can dramatically reduce the chances of such crime occurring. Security guards can help increase the level of Portbury security in 2 very significant ways:

  1. Prevention. By maintaining a firm and professional no-nonsense presence, security guards can help to ward off crime by sending the clear message to wrong doers: Crime will not be tolerated
  2. Resolution. Crime gets worse when events of the same go un-punished. A security guard can help to swiftly prosecute criminals and work with police to ensure a resolution is achieved

The police team in Portbury do a fantastic job, but by stepping up security efforts we can help to ensure Portbury stays in the news for the right reasons – not the wrong ones.