When you hear the words ‘Avonmouth Security’ being used in the same sentence, what do you first think of?

How secure Avonmouth is as a suburb in its own right?

Security guards who live and work in Avonmouth?

Whether you remembered to set your alarm before you left?

All of these would be right, but this article is focused solely on looking at what Avonmouth security companies can offer businesses operating in Avonmouth.

Business in Avonmouth

Because Avonmouth is close to the sea and is a suburb of the large and thriving Bristol community, it is the ideal spot for many holiday makers and tourists. Because of this, there are a lot of business opportunities – so it’s important to consider the security options available to you when starting up business.

What kind of business do you run and who do you target?

If you’re a day trader such as a shop, you might want to think about having a security guard at your premise to ward off unwanted anti-social behaviour from your doorstep. On the other hand, if you’re the owner of a nightspot such as a late bar, you might be thinking you need a ‘bouncer’ (also a security guard) to keep an eye on your punters and make sure everybody plays nicely.

Whatever you need though, Avonmouth security companies can provide.

Services for business

One of the best ways of ensuring your business is secure, is by going through a schedule checklist.

This means you analyse each hour of each day and decide what the risks are and how you can overcome them. For example:

  1. 6am – 9am. Shop is open, but very few customers. This might indicate that at this particular time of day you don’t need physical security onsite but instead might just make do with CCTV in case.
  2. 9am – 5pm. Shop is open and busy. During these hours, you might benefit more from a security guard who can detect trouble in your shop.
  3. 5pm – 8pm. Shop is open, busy and the local area tends to have troublemakers around at this time. You could perhaps – just for these hours – increase the number of security guards.
  4. 8pm – 6am. Shop is shut. During the night however, your shop is not 100% safe from crime: Avonmouth security companies will be able to assign a staff member entry to your property should your alarm sound, ensuring that should a break-in attempt occur you know it is responded to. (This is known as key-holding and alarm response, and is a very cost-effective security method).

Of course, this checklist is only an example – but it highlights some of the varied considerations you need to think of when considering selecting the services of Avonmouth security companies for your business.

What’s in your schedule?