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For your business premises to operate smoothly, providing safety for customers and employees should be your paramount concern. While security is more likely guaranteed in the building, the parking lot may prove trickier to secure. However, there are applicable steps to take so that you can be sure staff and customers feel safe while on the premises, including and especially the parking area.

1.     Adequate Lighting

Parking areas are ideally not expected to be dark at night time. A good parking area should have adequate lighting to help drivers drive properly. Good lighting also heightens security and better ensures the safety of the customers and employees. Lighting provided must cover dark corners and all areas of the parking area.

2.     Officer Escorts

For large parking areas, you may need to engage security guards to serve as physical surveillance and escorts for guests and staff. They can be stationed at specific areas in the parking area to ensure that all angles are covered. This can prove particularly helpful for large car parks. Officers may be stationary, available to walk guests to their vehicles (upon request) or just make routine checks to ensure that everything is in order.

3.     Virtual Escorts

If you’re a business owner who is more inclined towards techie gadgets, you can also explore virtual surveillance. This simply requires that guests, customers and staff are escorted to their vehicles using surveillance cameras, live video or body cameras and through mediums such as phone calls spanning the walk from office building to vehicle.

4.     The Buddy System

The Buddy System refers to the pairing of one member of staff to another to head out together and in turn, look out for one another until they both get into their vehicles. This system can also work for small groups of 3 – 4.

5.     Install Bollards

To keep the parking areas safe from reckless drivers and safe for passers-by, you can install bollards in front of the store or office to ensure better safety. Although naturally hard to miss, bollards can be brightly taped or colored to make them more visible.

Safety is a very important part of the daily running of any establishment. A commitment to safety shows that you care about the wellbeing of staff and customers.

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