Learning From the Grand Pier’s Security Issues

Everybody who hears the phrase ‘Weston Super Mare Security’ probably instantly thinks of the incident that happened in January 2013 – the fire that burned the historic landmark and point of pride – the Grand Pier – down.

As a security company, we take our business very seriously. And it’s not just because we want to avoid the penalty ordered on the security company in charge of the alarm systems at the Grand Pier (£30 Million!) – it’s because we believe that it is our duty to first and foremost protect that which we’re a part of.

Check Your Security Company is Doing it Right

So, although the company in charge of the Grand Pier’s alarm system didn’t mean for any of this to happen, the courts still found them liable (hence charging them £30 Million), and it leads to the question… “Is my Weston Super Mare security company doing it right?”

And that’s why we’ve produced you a quick checklist you can use to make sure the Weston Super Mare security company you use are on the right route to protecting you and your assets.

Check Your Alarms:

This one wins first place, as it was the alarms that let the Grand Pier down. If you’re worried that they aren’t working properly, get in touch with your provider immediately who should be able to put it right – or at least check it out. It’s also worth asking if they conduct routine checks and quality control measures on their equipment.

Check Your Guards: 

If you’re hiring Security Guards in Weston Super Mare, then now might be a great time to check you’ve hired the right ones. Check for an SIA license – if they hold this, they’re qualified to work in security. If they don’t, they’re breaking the law (and probably not doing the job right)

Check Your Camera Placement: 

Although a camera cannot actually do anything if it spots an intruder, it helps in 2 ways – it wards them off in the first place, and it assists with evidence should a crime take place. Check your cameras are visible, check they can see the areas they need to, and check they’re working! If you need help, your Weston Super Mare security company should be able to provide further advice.

Most importantly, ensure you have security in the first place. When the security is there, the risk of crime decreases. And when the company is competent, that risk drops even lower.