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Do you need mobile security on your work site?

As a business owner, work is likely always on your mind. Chances are, you’re working on ways to improve your business, build bigger profit margins, and motivate your staff… all whilst trying to avoid shrinkage wherever possible.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run – you might be in retail, labor or development. The thing is, there’s always someone who will try to steal from you, profiting from your hard work. In fact, in Bristol, the annual crime rate is 27.8% – that’s nearly 28 crimes per 1000 people. In London, it’s even higher!

Looking at the statistics, it’s clear that most businesses need some form of security. Traditional static manned staff just isn’t always practical, especially if you operate multiple sites – that’s where mobile security comes in.

Mobile security

The name might be deceiving at first – mobile security isn’t the protection of your mobile devices. It isn’t always remote security, either!

Most often, mobile security refers to actively patrolling (or mobile) guards, who will undertake routine checks over a large area. This might be a huge development site, a series of smaller sites, or multiple units in a large premise.

Mobile security guards will work with you depending on your security strategy; they will follow your briefing, providing 24/h, reliable and efficient protection.

Most criminals will be immediately wary of security guards, which can drastically reduce the percentage of trespassers and thieves. This, in turn, will have a positive impact on stock loss and shrinkage.

Getting into a routine

If you’ve ever watched any heist movie, you might be worried that your security staff will fall into a routine, making your sites vulnerable at predictable times. The good news is that mobile security guards will always conduct random searches, as well as their planned routine checks.

Criminals will be very aware that routine and unplanned checks are underway, which will stop them from attempting to break in.

Obviously, thieves aren’t the sharpest tools, and some will still try to gain access to your premises. If this is the case…

Sound the alarm

SIA Security guards are trained to respond quickly to any alarm. In the odd situation where an intruder does access your workplace, the alarms will rapidly notify the patrols of an unauthorised entrant.

If the alarm itself doesn’t scare the trespasser away, the security detail will be able to professionally investigate, taking any necessary steps to restrain the criminal, report them to the police and recover lost stock.

Do you need mobile security?

In short, probably.

Mobile security is best used when integrated with other security measures. Combine your patrolling staff with CCTV, alarms or static security for the most amount of protection.

Don’t worry – you can use mobile security as a standalone service, and it is still very effective!

Mobile security is recommended mostly for wide, open areas, such as construction or work sites, large retail areas such as shopping centres or parks, estates, offices and unoccupied locations.

If you’re interested in getting a quote for highly skilled mobile security staff, you can give us a call on 0117 982 9979, or email us at info@securityguardsbristol.com.

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