Keynsham’s Security Efforts See Crime Levels Drop Year-on-Year

A big sign that security is being taken seriously anywhere, is watching the crime levels for a given area drop year on year. And luckily, Keynsham is one of the areas that seems to be making a positive move in the right direction!

It’s difficult to know how much of this is are down to Keynsham’s police force, how much is down to Keynsham security… and how much is down to luck!

But either way, a drop in crime is something Keynsham residents should not sniff at. Here are the figures.

Keynsham Crime Dropping

So, in February 2011 the website Police.Uk reports that there were a total of 113 crimes reported within a 1 mile radius of central Keynsham. And if we take a look at the figures provided by the same website, for the same month but for the year of 2012 we see that this total crime number has made a slight drop to 104. The big drop happens next though, with this year (2013) seeing February’s total figure for reported crimes at an incredible low of 88!

Keynsham Security Could be Better…

Of course, although these figures give the residents of Keynsham much to celebrate, any crime is bad crime – and 88 reports in any given month is still 88 too many.

Residents are urged to increase their personal security measures by fitting alarms in houses and learning about how to avoid crime when out and about.

Businesses on the other hand are urged to look at their security setup. Although many businesses are employing professional Keynsham security companies to provide services such as key-holding, on-site security guards and remote monitoring, there are still many that aren’t. And although crime levels seem to be dropping year on year, crime is still a very real part of day-to-day life in Keynsham.

That number – 88 crimes in the month of February – is still more than 3 reported crimes a day. And what about the crimes that go unreported?