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How Clevedon is at the Front of the Crime Wave

If you live in the Clevedon area, then you are likely to have been a victim of crime in the last two or three years. Crime is extremely high in this area, higher than in ports and in some parts of Bristol itself. Protecting homes and businesses in Clevedon is a full-time job, with around 100 crimes reported each month in the area. This is a high rate of crime that needs to be stamped out as quickly as possible. One of the biggest threats to homeowners and businesses is the rise of criminal damage.

Criminal damage in Clevedon

There has been a growing trend for crime in Clevedon to be violent, and both criminal damage and arson are one of the leading causes of problems in the area. Criminal damage targeted at businesses can be extremely costly, and in just one example, a charity car was damaged to the tune of £500. Most of this type of crime is just mindless violence, and in the charity attack in 2011, the vehicle was covered in graffiti and its rear door was severely damaged. The car was clearly described as being for the charity – helping the blind – and so the criminals knew that they were targeting a charity car.

Targeting shops

Another prime target for criminal damage is shops, particularly those which have standard working hours. When the shops are closed, and without security, vandals seem to take delight in breaking windows, kicking down doors, or trying to set the place alight. Along with general theft, this type of damage can be a drain on the profits of the company, and there is really only one solution, which is to improve the security in the business, and target vandals for prosecution when they can be identified.

Businesses stepping up to the mark

There are several ways in which businesses can help to protect the surrounding area, and one of the most important is through the use of private Clevedon security companies. By using security teams throughout the day, you can start to tackle the problem of vandalism in the area. CCTV cameras and a working security team at night can protect closed shops from being targeted by vandals, and can also help you in gathering evidence of criminal activity. By using more security, businesses are better able to protect themselves, and their neighbourhoods from vandalism.

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