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Security in Portbury Still Top Notch

If you’ve ever fancied living or working in a place where crime is practically non-existent, and the news rarely has anything miserable to report (other than to complain about road works), then it’s possible Portbury is the place for you.

Just a short way away from Portishead, Portbury is a village and civil parish in the heart of Somerset.  But unlike its slightly larger neighbouring area Portishead, Portbury is relatively quiet, peaceful and secure.

Portbury is perhaps the most well-known for its rich history, and is even mentioned in the Liber Exoniensis as having been gifted by William The Conqueror to one of his favourite bishops, Geoffrey De Montbray.

Portbury Crime and Security Statistics

According to police.uk, only 11 crimes were reported in December 2014. And if you’re running a retail business in Portbury, you’ll be very pleased to learn that of these 11 crimes reported, absolutely none of them were categorised as Shoplifting. In fact, you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a single instance of shoplifting in Portbury at all – over the course of the whole of 2014 (yes, that’s one full year) there were only two reported incidents of Shoplifting.

In fact, the biggest crime in Portbury is general theft, accounting for around 40% of crimes throughout 2014. But even then, there were only 63 reported incidents for the entire year, and there were no reported incidents of ‘Theft From Person’ or ‘Possessing Weaponry’ at all – zero.

What Are Portbury’s Security Issues?

So if Portbury is relatively peaceful, secure and very low on crime, what should we be worrying about when visiting the lovely village?

Well according to the police.uk website, there is indeed one specific area of focus the police are really trying to clamp down on: Speeding.

And although we don’t want to make speeding seem as if it isn’t an issue, I think it’s pretty safe to agree that when speeding is the only thing worrying our police force, then the area is in pretty good shape.

Of course, security can become an issue anywhere whenever we fail to maintain our good practice. Residents are as always encouraged to maintain security good practice in the form of burglar alarms and general personal safety; businesses, too, are reminded of the importance of installing high-quality CCTV and good, working alarm systems. Key holding and alarm response services are also great suggestions for businesses without the need for a full-time security guard.

But all in all, well done, people of Portbury – keep up the good work.



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