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Are Avonmouth Businesses Cutting Back on Crime?

The current financial crisis has left many Avonmouth businesses struggling to make ends meet. High taxation and building rental, plus a fall in sales and trading have left many looking for ways to tighten their belts. While most companies in the Avonmouth area are known for being well secured, the lack of finances has seen some businesses choose to focus upon theft, and add even more security to their current in-house presence. Adding more security in Avonmouth is designed to help businesses avoid losses from thefts, and also encourage customers to feel safe within the premises, two steps which can increase profits.

What about crime?

Naturally, residents and businesses in Avonmouth are both concerned about crime. Avonmouth had been seeing a rise in crime for most of the current decade, with 50 crimes being reported in January 2011, and 63 crimes reported for the same month in 2012. However, businesses have been taking action to stop the number of thefts and issues within the last few years, so that by January 2013 only 37 crimes were reported. There are several reasons why this success has occurred in Avonmouth, while other towns are struggling with rising crime.

What has been done?

The main way in which crime has been tackled in Avonmouth is by increasing the general public’s awareness of crime problems. Encouraging customers to be aware of issues with crime means that businesses can have nearby residents installing alarms and cameras which help to protect the entire neighbourhood, and deters thieves, making them look outside of the area. A second boost has been businesses’ focus upon their security, with more and more shops seeking to protect themselves by hiring more security guards in Avonmouth shops. These measures have helped to dramatically reduce crime in the area.

What is the future for security in Avonmouth?

When businesses are considering tightening their belts for the next seasons, they will naturally look at areas which are not working first. Since security is working so effectively, and they are able to manage their problem with shoplifting by employing more security guards and security companies, this is not likely to be a target for economy drives. In fact, as money gets tighter, businesses are more likely to be investing in the security of their shops by adding more personnel and using even more restrictive measures to prevent thefts from their stores.

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