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The Duties of Hospital Security Guards

There are many different kinds of security guards, each tasked and trained differently to handle their specific jobs. While many of their various functions overlap, some do not. Security guards working the entrance of a pub or club will have a vastly different role and daily clientele than say a retail security guard. 

The former will want to be as visible as possible and is likely to deal with rowdy, belligerent patrons, while retail security guards may want to be far more incognito in order to apprehend shoplifters, and will find dealing with theft to be far different from breaking up fights.

Hospital security guards are another category of security guard who have specialized, unique roles. In addition to ensuring that hospitals and other NHS areas are accessible and safe for patients, visitors, as well as medical staff, hospital security guards are charged with protecting the building and the very expensive healthcare equipment inside it. Hospital security guards are also far more likely to come into contact with sick or injured persons and may therefore be trained in basic CPR and other emergency procedures in the event that they are first responders.

Monitoring NHS sites

Security is taken quite seriously by the NHS. Patients must feel safe and secure while in hospital, and as such, a firm security presence is paramount to smooth daily operation. Access to various wings, branches, and departments of hospitals must be restricted to relevant personnel only for the safety of all, as well as any emergencies handled appropriately and quickly.

Other Functions

Chepstow security guards have many other jobs and roles within hospitals. Aside from monitoring premises, guards are charged to:

  • Ensure visitors and non-staff have legitimate reasons to be in the hospital
  • Keep accurate log of all visitors
  • Issue access passes
  • Deal with any incidents or emergency on campus
  • Diffuse tense situations
  • Remove trespassers
  • Call police or other emergency services whenever deemed necessary
  • Monitor all hospital CCTV
  • Patrol hospital grounds

Present-Day Safety Concerns

In this day and age, a wide variety of safety concerns are present that have not always been something anyone worried about just a few years ago. Just last year at Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny, a jealous husband broke in and assaulted his wife, who worked as a nurse there. The woman was saved by her medical colleagues, and though the hospital did not have a security guard presence then, it has since allocated hundreds of thousands of pounds to resolve that matter.


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