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The Best Tips to Keep your Bristol Office Premises Safe and Secure


Anyone running a business needs to ensure that the office is properly protected from any potential security issues. Office security is just as important for the success of the company and it is vital to the well-being of the employees. Security Bristol offers a wide range of security services and even security guard services Weston super mare. The following tips will help ensure that the office is safe and secure.

  1. Employee Theft Prevention

Businesses lose millions in office theft which is mostly done by employees. Many of the workers have even admitted to having stolen office stationary.  There are various measures which can be adopted to prevent employee theft. Some of these include securing the lockers with password-protection, having timesheets in place to see if anyone is at the office premises during after hours, placing security sensors at the entrances and exits, checking the bags of employees when the leave, and others.

  1. Security Guards

One of the most effective ways to protect the business is by hiring security guards. Trained security guards help identify suspicious behavior quickly and respond accordingly to prevent crimes on the premises. Offices would benefit from having security officers placed near the entrances to check the ID passes, prevent anyone from trespassing and even escort them out if needed, to instruct the visitors to sign the look book and wear ID passes, as well as contact the emergency services if necessary.

  1. Access Control

Control measures should be installed such as ID passes required for opening doors as they help stop potential trespassers from being able to enter the office. There are other ways to restrict access to the office like closing doors for busy corridors, renewing employee ID cards or keys annually, preventing people to tailgate anyone without gaining proper permission, and implementing access control on different levels.

  1. Install CCTV

CCTVs are one of the most effective and frequently used security tactics in any office environment. They allow the monitoring of the business premises from a remote location throughout the day or night, and everything is recorded which can be used if needed as evidence. Places that are difficult to monitor physically should have cameras installed. Furthermore, visible CCTVs prevent people from committing theft or any other crime.

  1. Employee Awareness Guidelines

Employee guidelines should be created. The employees can be utilized to prevent any crime from occurring at the office. Training should be provided to the employees by educating them about security measures so that they have a proper understanding of any physical threats, and even from cyber-security threats.

  1. Alarm Systems

Finally, another great way to keep the office safe and secure is by installing alarm systems. These help warn you in case there is any unauthorized person that enter the office premises. This would defuse the situation as quickly as possible. The alarm system should be regularly checked to ensure that it is efficiently working. It will help keep trespassers out.

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