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Important Safety Measures to Keep in Mind While in Bristol

There are numerous incidents these days of women being attacked in the daylight, people  being robbed in the street, or even worse violently attached.

This article provides you with some useful tips that can help individuals prevent incidents which concerns their safety and alsp help people become more vigilant. The most common places for a personal attack include Crowded Places, Stations, ATM Locations, Pubs and Clubs, Colleges etc.

Following are some detailed measures that you can take and be more vigilant to save yourself from any unfortunate incidents:

1.      Using Mobile Phones

While you are wandering through the streets, be careful not to use your mobile phone and become too distracted as you may become an easy target for criminals. Mobile phone are often snatched by criminals and more often than not they are never found again, usually sold on to other at half the cost.

2.     Satellite Navigation on Phone

Turning on navigation on mobile phone can actually make you vulnerable to the criminals. This is because sometimes when you are too absorbed in looking for directions, you are giving a clear signal that you don’t know the way, and this might cause you trouble. Try to learn the way beforehand, and even if you have turned on navigation try to be more vigilant and act like you are aware of the way.

3.     Using Short-Cuts

You know the impression that quiet back streets, alleys and any short-cut routes have- they are all silent and empty. They give you a scary signal and it is because of a reason- because these areas are ideal for pickpockets, criminals, murderers, gangs etc. Police don’t patrol around each and every corner which makes short-cuts become dangerous for you. Try using well lit ways and main roads to reach your destination.

4.     ATM and Cash Locations

Always look around you before going to a cash location. Check the people standing around, try to lock the door from inside while you are withdrawing cash just to be safe. If you feel unsafe, try going to a different location. ATM and Cash points can be very dangerous for you because criminals snatch money from you or use weapons to forcefully withdraw cash.

5.     Arriving Back Home

Most people become carefree when they arrive to the door of their house. Fumbling around finding your keys can be very dangerous for you; try to reach for your keys before you step out of the car. In case you live in an apartment, entering a building where someone can follow you might be dangerous as well. Be vigilant, do not open doors for people you don’t know; safety comes before politeness. Ask the person why they are here and what concern do they have. If you think someone is following you to your home, change your path, come back after a while, or enter the building with another person.

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