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Hire Security for your Local Clevedon Business & Make it a Success


Have you felt the pinch of the credit crunch recently? Do you run a local business but feel that your shoppers are deserting and going elsewhere?

According to a poll on ClevedonPeople.Co.Uk, a whopping 50% of residents say they go elsewhere/out of town because local shops simply aren’t good enough.

So where does Clevedon security come into this?

There are many reasons why your shoppers might feel other bigger shops are better to use – it could be choice of products or a whole range of other reasons for example. But one thing’s certain: Bigger shops usually have better security.

Is Cevedon Security Affordable for My Small Business?

One of the main reasons small businesses fail to make their customers feel secure and safe when visiting, is they assume that hiring a Clevedon security company to help them prevent local crime is simply too expensive.

That’s actually a myth.

When you compare the cost of hiring Clevedon security services to the cost of paying for the aftermath of crime (lost stock, frightened customers, stolen money and more…), the price of security is just a drop in the ocean.

And if you’re worried that your business does not warrant a full-time security guard on site, then why not look for a less intense and more affordable service?

Key holding is a great example. Key holding services offered in Clevedon will give your business peace of mind – the security of knowing that if something does go wrong, there will be a professional security team ready and waiting to spring into action.

Key holding does not mean you have a security guard on the door 24/7. It simply means you’re entrusting access to your premise to proven professionals who are seasoned at dealing with instances of crime that often hit businesses.

Or, if you’d prefer to maintain a more ‘visual’ security approach, you could consider a mobile security patrol to come and show up at your Clevedon business on occasion. This does more than tell would-be criminals that you’re not willing to put up with their attempts at destroying your business – it tells your shoppers that you’re serious about keeping them safe.

So when the next poll is held, and people are asked to describe their shopping experience in Clevedon… don’t you want to be sure you’ve done all you can to make their trip a pleasant and satisfying one? Clevedon security isn’t the be-all and end-all of your customers’ shopping experience… but it certainly helps.


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