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Portbury Security: Is Portbury a ‘Practically Crime-Free Zone’?


In Portbury, Security appears to be a highly-valued concept – and the crime figures definitely confirm this!

When compared to its neighbours in the Avon & Somerset area, Portbury security could be considered ‘top notch’, and the area considered a ‘haven for people seeking safety’ – after all, relatively nearby areas like Weston Super Mare and Avonmouth are dwarfing Portbury in terms of the numbers of crimes reported.

In fact, in the month of February this year there were only 6 crimes reported (according to the Police.Uk database) – and the numbers are just as low for the months before this, too.

Why is crime in Portbury so low?

OK, so Portbury is a small place. It’s a low-populated area that’s away from many places of significance… but all the same, it has a major motorway running through it and therefore is a centre of activity, which could suggest that there are other influencing factors thought to be assisting in the low crime levels in Portbury:

  • Portbury security companies are some of the better security companies available
  • Businesses in Portbury are ensuring their efforts to maintain security are up to date
  • Portbury is well known for its close-knit community and neighbourly spirit – something which is a major repellent of crime

But… is Portbury safe?

As we very well know, Portbury is – although safe as far as the statistics tell us – close to a number of prominent British places, for example the larger area of Portishead, and the Portbury Royal Docks.

Residents and businesses in Portbury should therefore not fall into a false sense of security – these neighbouring locations attract high levels of crime, and the slightly further afield area of Weston Super Mare is even more rife with crime, being a popular tourist destination. And this kind of negative behaviour in other areas can spill…

Doom and gloom aside though, Portbury is, yes, a relatively safe place to live, work and play:

  • The statistics suggest that Portbury security is on the whole, on par (in fact, better than par!).
  • The people of Portbury consistently confirm that it’s a great place to live.
  • And as far as national news stories go? Portbury rarely makes the headlines even locally, and if it does… it’s usually for the right reasons.

So if you’re visiting Portbury, you can rest assured you’ll never visit anywhere so safe.

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