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helpful advice to keep your BUSINESS premises and EQUIPMENT safe & SECURITY


Small businesses or small scale businesses, like they are popularly called, are often retail trades requiring little capital. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that even businesses as small as small scale businesses still suffer security threats via thefts and security breaches. According to Security Magazine, 70% of attacks target small businesses. How then would small business owners ensure that they neither suffer loss of revenue or loss of capital (in the form of cash and other properties)? Find out some relevant tips below.

  • Close all windows and rooftop lights before leaving the property – a high extent of robberies happen through open windows.
  • Lock all doors before leaving the property. It’s anything but dangerous to dash out and neglect to lock the doors, or think an associate will do it.
  • Try not to leave metal materials, gear, apparatuses or scrap around the property and on view.
  • Secure vehicles by locking all doors and fitting extra security gadgets. Most light business vehicles are stolen during the night, so invest in out-of-hours mobile patrols, or fit pick-proof locks to your vehicles and keep vehicles out of sight.
  • Introduce CCTV to shield property and work force – from the inward hoodlum, just as the outer. Adding a verbal cautioning framework to your CCTV is an additional layer of security.
  • Avoid your property being vandalized by utilizing out-of-hours mobile patrols, arriving at random times.
  • Screen guests before allowing them in, by utilizing a remote reception service
  • Don’t allow sensitive data or intellectual property to fall into the hands of competitors simply because of inadequate disposal of documentation. Invest in a secure shredding service.
  • Protect guests at your events, by hiring skilled security guards, to deter gatecrashers and opportunistic thieves.
  • Do not fall for the old thieves’ trick of setting off the alarm repeatedly until key holders/police think it has a fault and stop responding. A hired security service, would investigate each and every time.
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