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Security News for Weston Super Mare


There’s always something happening in Weston Super Mare. Security is an every-present issue though, and for residents and businesses, it’s not always good news – but recently, police have commended the efforts of residents’ community spirit in their appropriate use of emergency telephone number 999, with one call in particular leading to the arrest of serial burglar Nathan Hibberd in July.

More than 200 Burglary Track Record

Found crouching in the garden of a Weston Super Mare resident, This Is Gloucestershire reported that it was this fast-acting 999 tip off response to suspicious activity that ultimately led to the arrest of Nathan Hibberd in July, who had skipped bail for more than 200 burglary convictions.

The key messages police are trying to put out to the public in terms of Weston Super Mare security, are:

–          Suspicious activity should be reported. Unfortunately, the number of people who abuse the 999 service make genuine would-be callers reluctant to report crime – but if suspicious activity is spotted, it is in the best interests of residents’ Weston Super Mare security to report it to the authorities. In this case, it led to a significant arrest.

–          Members of the public need to learn to spot suspicious activity. “A burglar may knock on the door, wait and then go back later if no-one answers” says Kim Mowday , a home security advisor for Gloucestershire police, according to the report. “It’s that kind of activity we want people to report”.

Weston Super Mare – A Burglar’s Playground?

Despite the above criminal’s track record of more than 200 burglaries, the statistics for burglary in Weston Super Mare actually appear to be declining – a big win for Weston Super Mare security.

According to the public database held on Police.Uk, January saw a total of 26 burglaries reported (out of a total crime figure of 414, giving burglary a little more than  a 6% total share). 3 months later, the figures for April showed only 20 reported burglaries (again, out of a total crime figure of 414 giving burglary a reduced share of less than 5%), and these figures dropped even lower for the month of July, with burglaries accounting for only 11 out of 461 crimes reported – a total share of only 2.3%.

These figures certainly suggest that as far as Weston Super Mare security is concerned, burglary is a crime that is dropping in regularity – and for that, we owe thanks in part to vigilant residents and their ability to spot and report suspicious activity.

Image Credit: www.flickr.com/photos/chillihead

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