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Top Tips to Keep your Home Safe & Secure

Avon and Somerset Constabulary state that in January 2017 alone there were 958 cases of burglary, and that’s just the ones that were reported. Clearly, Bristol’s homes and business are at risk. So what steps can we take to lower the risk to ourselves and our properties? And how can we get a little piece of mind when we leave our homes unattended?

Opportunist thieves

It is a fact that most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves. In 25% of cases the perpetrator does not event need to use force, they merely open a door or window. Just think how simply these cases could have been prevented, or if not, how we could have made it more difficult for the thief. The following advice is recommended. Lock your windows and doors when you are out, even if it is just for a brief trip. Why not install a light that is sensitive to movement, or on a timer? And try to look at your house as though you are a potential thief, I know it is difficult, but how would you approach your house? A light would be one huge deterrent.


A security bulk-head light fitted on the front and back of your house will help keep you safe. Dusk to dawn sensors and low energy bulbs will maximize the potential of such lights. Another nice feature is the ‘courtesy light,’ which helps visitors navigate their way in to your house, but also lights up the main entrances making them less vulnerable. As far as internal lighting goes, leaving a landing light on, or a kitchen light, will give the impression that someone is home. Remember, an occupied house is a safe house.


It might sound obvious to some but alarms are a great way to keep your house safe. We have all suffered from a malfunctioning alarm going off all day or night, so please, it is important to get your alarms fitted by professionals and to maintain them. How else are they going to do their job?


Keep keys hidden and out of sight. They make the criminal’s task a lot easier, and are a sign that the householder is careless and lax with their security. When you are away trust your keys to a friend or neighbour, and ask if they will kindly check in on your property while you are gone. And when you move to a new house change the front and back door keys so that the previous owners don’t have keys to your new home.


Hopefully these few steps will keep you safe and give you peace of mind.

For more advice on keeping your home safe from intruders, contact our local Bristol Security Company

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