Bristol security guard services

Bristol is known across the country as a hub of creativity and industry, and people travel far and wide for our unique and entertaining events. Whether it is music, the arts, technology, or engineering, a crowd is sure to descend of the South West. And with this regular influx of visitors comes the need for proper Bristol security staffing and event security.

Remember that the industry standard is to have at least one security guard for every hundred people. At the Ashton Court Balloon Fiesta it is not uncommon to see 100,000 people attend each of the four days of the event. That’s a large security presence required.

We see security guards everywhere, when we go to such events, but few of us get to ask, what do security guards actually do? What does the role involve, and how do they help to keep us safe?

Typical activities for a Bristol  security guard services include the monitoring of alarms and closed-circuit television cameras; the control of access in and out of a site, for visitors and workers; security checks such as bag searches; the protection of property and the enforcement of the law; and if things get bad, they are there to write reports for the police on what has happened, to interview witnesses for evidence, and to nab the perpetrators.

Being a security guard involves adapting to new situations quickly and sussing out the new terrain promptly. They are used to working odd shift patterns and making connections with new colleagues. They need to be good communicators, good listeners, observant, smart, and amiable.

A lot of their day might be spend on foot and so fitness is a must. In Bristol they could be monitoring a single area or patrolling a large stretch of ground. They also might be static for some time in a guardroom or at an entry point.

It is predicted that over the next ten years the sector will grow by at least another 5.1%, and so clearly, this is a trade that is in demand.

As the world becomes more and more unstable, and the security of the general public is put at further risk, roles like this will be in great demand.

So the next time you see a security guard at an event stop to say hello, or thank them for the good work. You would be surprised how much a little gesture like this is appreciated.

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