Crime Update: Police & Security Guards in Cabot Park Avonmouth

As part of our ongoing attempt to raise awareness about crime levels in and around Bristol, as well as pushing the importance of hiring Security Guards, Cabot Park Avonmouth has become today’s focus, and we’re looking at how crime has changed, what’s happening this year, and what can be done about it.

If we take a look at crime statistics in Avonmouth over the last year or so, we can learn a few interesting statistics about the way the Police force and security guards in Avonmouth are doing their jobs.

Crime: Year on Year

If we take a look on the basis of how crime has changed over a 12 month period, Avonmouth is looking pretty good. In fact, if we look at reported crimes on the Police.Uk database, we can see that in February 2012 a total of 54 crimes were reported within a 1 mile radius, and in March of the same year that number was 57. In comparison however, this year we’ve seen a pleasant drop – with crimes reported for February 2013 falling to just 39, and crimes in March of the same year sitting at only 44.

March 2012 – 57 | March 2012 – 44

February 2012 – 54 | February 2013 – 39

Crime: Trends and Types

If we break the figures down by crime type, we’ll see that for March this year, the hot area seems to be anti-social behaviour, which accounts for exactly 25% of the crimes committed.

Vehicle crime and violent crime combined totalled a worrying 13 out of the 44 reported crimes in total, and the rest of the crimes reported seemed spread pretty evenly across a variety of areas.

However, although these crimes are worrying, it isn’t the end of the world.


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Portishead Security

As part of our on-going commitment to raising awareness about security issues currently prominent throughout the Avon and Somerset Regions (particularly those surrounding Bristol), we’ve been encouraging businesses and individuals alike to increase their security efforts.

We’ve suggested:

  • Checking Equipment. Personal alarms, business premise CCTV and all the rest… if it isn’t working, it’s no use.
  • Hiring Portishead Security. If you’re afraid of being a victim to crime, do something about it! There are plenty of options for hiring a security solution in Portishead, so why not take advantage?
  • Increasing Awareness. Staff training, local crime-trends research and more to ensure you know what the risks are.

And although this massive drop in Portishead crimes reported in the early months of the year shows that the Police are doing great and the residents are more aware, we’d like to think that this drop in crime (and increase in Portishead security efforts) are in part down to this community-wide surge we’re having to knock crime on the head and make Portishead a safe place to be.

That means businesses are looking into hiring Portishead security companies to help ensure the safety of their business.

It means residents are learning more about the risks crime poses and installing safety equipment in their homes.

It means that we’re all living a safer, happier life.

So if you live in Portishead, you can pat yourself on the back and tell yourself: “Well done. Crime is dropping!”

Here’s to a wonderfully safe 2013!

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Portbury Security: Is Portbury a ‘Practically Crime-Free Zone’?

In Portbury, Security appears to be a highly-valued concept – and the crime figures definitely confirm this!

When compared to its neighbours in the Avon & Somerset area, Portbury security could be considered ‘top notch’, and the area considered a ‘haven for people seeking safety’ – after all, relatively nearby areas like Weston Super Mare and Avonmouth are dwarfing Portbury in terms of the numbers of crimes reported.

In fact, in the month of February this year there were only 6 crimes reported (according to the Police.Uk database) – and the numbers are just as low for the months before this, too.

Why is crime in Portbury so low?

OK, so Portbury is a small place. It’s a low-populated area that’s away from many places of significance… but all the same, it has a major motorway running through it and therefore is a centre of activity, which could suggest that there are other influencing factors thought to be assisting in the low crime levels in Portbury:

  • Portbury security companies are some of the better security companies available
  • Businesses in Portbury are ensuring their efforts to maintain security are up to date
  • Portbury is well known for its close-knit community and neighbourly spirit – something which is a major repellent of crime

But… is Portbury safe?

As we very well know, Portbury is – although safe as far as the statistics tell us – close to a number of prominent British places, for example the larger area of Portishead, and the Portbury Royal Docks.

Residents and businesses in Portbury should therefore not fall into a false sense of security – these neighbouring locations attract high levels of crime, and the slightly further afield area of Weston Super Mare is even more rife with crime, being a popular tourist destination. And this kind of negative behaviour in other areas can spill…

Doom and gloom aside though, Portbury is, yes, a relatively safe place to live, work and play:

  • The statistics suggest that Portbury security is on the whole, on par (in fact, better than par!).
  • The people of Portbury consistently confirm that it’s a great place to live.
  • And as far as national news stories go? Portbury rarely makes the headlines even locally, and if it does… it’s usually for the right reasons.

So if you’re visiting Portbury, you can rest assured you’ll never visit anywhere so safe.

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Hire Security for your Local Clevedon Business & Make it a Success

Have you felt the pinch of the credit crunch recently? Do you run a local business but feel that your shoppers are deserting and going elsewhere?

According to a poll on ClevedonPeople.Co.Uk, a whopping 50% of residents say they go elsewhere/out of town because local shops simply aren’t good enough.

So where does Clevedon security come into this?

There are many reasons why your shoppers might feel other bigger shops are better to use – it could be choice of products or a whole range of other reasons for example. But one thing’s certain: Bigger shops usually have better security.

Is Cevedon Security Affordable for My Small Business?

One of the main reasons small businesses fail to make their customers feel secure and safe when visiting, is they assume that hiring a Clevedon security company to help them prevent local crime is simply too expensive.

That’s actually a myth.

When you compare the cost of hiring Clevedon security services to the cost of paying for the aftermath of crime (lost stock, frightened customers, stolen money and more…), the price of security is just a drop in the ocean.

And if you’re worried that your business does not warrant a full-time security guard on site, then why not look for a less intense and more affordable service?

Key holding is a great example. Key holding services offered in Clevedon will give your business peace of mind – the security of knowing that if something does go wrong, there will be a professional security team ready and waiting to spring into action.

Key holding does not mean you have a security guard on the door 24/7. It simply means you’re entrusting access to your premise to proven professionals who are seasoned at dealing with instances of crime that often hit businesses.

Or, if you’d prefer to maintain a more ‘visual’ security approach, you could consider a mobile security patrol to come and show up at your Clevedon business on occasion. This does more than tell would-be criminals that you’re not willing to put up with their attempts at destroying your business – it tells your shoppers that you’re serious about keeping them safe.

So when the next poll is held, and people are asked to describe their shopping experience in Clevedon… don’t you want to be sure you’ve done all you can to make their trip a pleasant and satisfying one? Clevedon security isn’t the be-all and end-all of your customers’ shopping experience… but it certainly helps.


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Avonmouth: Businesses tightening their security belts?

It’s a well-known fact that the businesses who have the best levels of security suffer the lowest levels of crime. Which is why it’s great to see that according to Police.Uk’s street-level crime statistics, Avonmouth security appears to be sky-high as their crime levels have seemingly dropped this year.

The News in Numbers

Did you know that in January 2011, the number of crimes reported within a mile radius of Avonmouth central hit a total of 50?

Did you also know that for the same month in 2012, that figure had hit 63?

If you didn’t, then you do now… but don’t worry. What appeared to be a climbing rate of crime throughout 2011-2012 has taken a sharp nose dive in 2013, and in January this year the total reported crimes within a mile radius of Avonmouth was a jaw-dropping low of just 37. That’s nearly half what it was the year before!

What’s Caused this Sudden Drop in Crime?

There are a lot of factors that could contribute to a drop in crime, such as:

  • Increased public awareness – when people are aware of the crime out there, they can take better measures to prevent it from happening to them by implementing security solutions such as alarms, CCTV etc.
  • A rise in job availability – when more people are in work, less people are ‘on the streets’ and there is an all-round lower level of desparation
  • A boost in the company’s choosing to hire efficient Avonmouth security guards to monitor their premises

This drop in crime cannot be pinned to any of the above specifically, and it’s safe to say there are many more influencing factors that have led to this drop in crime. But we can assume that the above 3 factors – awareness, more work and better Avonmouth security measures – have played significant roles in reducing crime.

Help us to Carry On!

We have been doing our part in a small way and have over the months continued to try and raise awareness throughout Avonmouth regarding security,  crime and building a safer Bristol. We’ve done this by reinforcing the benefits Avonmouth security companies can bring to businesses, repeating the importance of personal security measures, and publishing news stories and crime statistics to show the folk of Avonmouth the bigger security picture. We will continue trying to build a safer Bristol by doing our part to raise awareness about Avonmouth security and crime, and we hope you’ll join us and do the same.

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Should Weston-Super-Mare Security be Taking Lessons From its Neighbouring Areas?

So… what is it about Weston Super Mare that seems to continue attracting worryingly high crime rates? Is it because it’s a popular destination by the sea for tourist throughout the UK? Probably. But it could also be down to the seemingly relaxed approach to Weston Super Mare security shown by businesses and individuals throughout.

OK, so crime hasn’t increased significantly over the years. But it has increased. In fact, statistics published on Police.UK show that in December 2012 there were a total of 404 crimes reported – compared to the 369 crimes reported for Weston Super Mare in December 2010. Similarly, January 2011 showed 399 reported crimes compared to January 2013’s 416.

So is there a lapse in Weston Super Mare security efforts, or are we just seeing a natural fluctuation of figures?

What the figures mean

One thing we can safely say, is that although the increase in crime over the last 2 years is not an indication of significant change… it absolutely shows that crime is showing no signs of abating.

In fact, compared with other areas surrounding Bristol, Weston Super Mare might appear to be neglected completely, as suburbs like Avonmouth actually saw nearly a 50% decline in crime numbers over the same period…

What can be done

Let’s not get a lynch mob together just yet – after all, being a popular destination for tourists the area is going to attract a naturally higher level of crime. But as businesses and residents in Weston Super Mare, security should become a priority – and if not to reduce the numbers overall for our community, then for ourselves and our own personal and professional safety. Safety & security for our livelihoods, finances and wellbeing.

Check that your security systems are up-to-date – that means alarms are working, CCTV is switched on and your security bill is paid!

Evaluate the specific crime trends for your home or business. Crimes like burglary can be tackled by increasing the visible security equipment at your premises – whereas less direct crimes such as anti-social behaviour around your business could be tackled by inviting a professional Weston Super Mare security company to provide on-site guards.

Don’t sit there and hope that other folk will make the decisions. In psychology this is called ‘diffusion of responsibility’. In real life, it’s called leaving yourself open to attack.

In Weston Super Mare, security should be a thing we’re proud to be responsible of. After all, it’s a prominent British location known for its high-profile events and summer holiday fun… so why shouldn’t we feel a pinch of pride and do our bit to protect it?

Weston-Super-Mare Security News: The True Cost of Crime?

For any businesses who are up-to-date and savvy in protecting their assets and keeping an eye on local events, you’ll remember the story that emerged in February last year about the criminal who threw a sign through the window of a recruitment agency, causing a whopping £700 worth of damage… (you can check the link here) for those of you who aren’t, then this story might perhaps suggest that you want to start thinking about how good your business in Weston Super Mare’s security actually is…

A Second to Act, an Age to Repair

Alright, a broken window might not be the crime of the century. And it might not be something that causes you to think “Gee, Weston Super Mare security must be pretty relaxed at the moment”. Hey, it might not even be the kind of crime that shuts down the engines of your business and grinds you to a halt… but it’s the kind of crime that takes just seconds to commit, and it might never have happened if an active security presence was visible.

Because when you think about a few seconds of crime costing £700 to your business… well, what might a criminal with several weeks or months to prepare be able to inflict on you?

Look at it like this…

£700 isn’t going to bankrupt your business. But is it an amount you can really afford to throw away because of one careless act?

Did you know, that on-site security guards have been shown to actually cover their costs many times over in terms of the amount of crime they prevent?

Did you also know that the presence of security at your business can actually help to make your customers feel safer and even lead to an increase in sales and revenue?

In areas where vandalism and anti-social behaviour is rife in Weston Super Mare, security that is visible becomes ever more important – because these are crimes that are easily preventable with minimal investment.

Protect Yourself

Not everybody is a criminal. And we like to think we’ve got it good here in Weston Super Mare – a friendly bunch of community-minded individuals happy to help each other out where possible. But there are people who aren’t like this. People who ruin it for the others.

If you’re in business in Weston Super Mare, security should be a primary concern. Not because you’re any more ‘at risk’ than anybody else out there… but because the small investment could save you piles of cash in the long run.

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Bristol Security: A View on Violent Crime

Violence can stem from many sources. A drug feud turned sour, an argument amongst friends or even a random act of violence out of sheer boredom or malice. Wherever it comes from however, one thing remains the same: In Bristol, security against violent crime is not being taken seriously enough and violent crime is having a severely negative impact on the lives and businesses on others.

Which Businesses are Most Affected

Although violent crime can affect all number of businesses – whether you’re a shop, an office or even a contractor – it is particularly rife with a number of specific industries.

  • Nightlife. In the nightlife industry, violence can be expected because more often than not, alcohol is present and thus loosening the judgement of individuals. Sometimes even the most mild-mannered and polite of people can show an ugly side after one too many pints or vodkas, and it is inevitable that whether you run a pub, club or a bar, you can expect from time to time a violent outburst. For nightlife businesses in Bristol, security guards that are both professional and responsible are a must. It is a commonly known prejudice that ‘bouncers’ are aggressive and enjoy instigating violence – but if you hire the right security firm to provide you with the right guards, you will find them a pleasure to work with and that they have the ability to defuse almost any situation in an amicable manner.
  • Sole Proprietors. Sole proprietors who hold sole ownership of their shop may also be more prone to fall victim of violence. This is because many criminals such as shoplifters and armed robbers will prey on the small businesses they know have the least amount of security. It is worth remembering however that in Bristol, security firms exist which provide a cost-effective solution even for small business owners, giving them peace of mind and safety.

Take Action Against Violence

As well as enlisting the help of professional security companies in Bristol, you can also take your own measures to protect yourself against violent crime:

  • CCTV. If it isn’t installed, install it – it is a fantastic deterrent
  • Panic Button. If you find yourself subject to violent or threatening behaviour, a panic button will quickly alert your Bristol security firm or Bristol authorities who will be able to attend to your distress call
  • Staff training. Train your staff to spot signs of violence before they emerge. Even if you don’t have any staff members, it could be worth enrolling on a course yourself – such small investment can bring you huge value and added protection

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Bristol Security: Ways of Avoiding Arson

Arson is an incredibly damaging crime, as not only does it destroy properties and possessions, but it puts the lives of others at risk. In Bristol, security needs tighter measures to help avoid the damaging effects of arson. Here are a few tips on ways you can avoid arson and run a safer business.

  1. 1.       Staff Safety. Whether you own a shop, manage an office or have a stake in any other sort of business in Bristol, security starts with safety. Ensure that each member of staff understands all procedures and protocols in terms of emergency evacuation and what to do in the event of a fire.
  2. 2.       Check Your Equipment. This also ties in with ensuring the safety of both yourself and your staff. Ensure that any fire safety equipment you have on your premise – such as fire extinguishers and alarm systems – is up to date, efficient and in good working order ready for quick response in the event of a fire.
  3. 3.       Take Preventative Action. The best way of tackling crime involving fire is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Ensure that wherever you are in Bristol, security measures are firmly in place. This could be as simple as having an on-call security firm ready to answer your cry for help, or even employing a security guard to man your premises. The presence of active and professional security can help boost the prevention of arson attacks, as criminals know that where active measures are in place they have more chance of being punished.
  4. 4.       Know your statistics. Wherever you are in Bristol, security is always relevant. It’s worth however checking the local statistics for arson crimes for your local area. For example, the official crime statistics database shows that in 2012 for the month of September alone, out of 1646 reported crimes within a 1 mile radius of Bristol center, 89 of those were a result of criminal damage and arson.
  5. 5.       Stay Aware. As you will already know, half the battle to fight arson is not just knowing what to do to prevent and minimize crime, but it’s the awareness of local news and trends. If there is a surge in arson attacks in your area, ensure there is also a surge in your security efforts. Knowledge is power.

When you are running a business, the safety of yourself, your staff, your customers and your property is of paramount importance. In Bristol, security companies offer a cost-effective way of tackling crime head on. Make sure that whatever you do and wherever you do it, you stay aware, make a plan and take action.

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Crime and security: Clevedon hit by heartless criminals

Crime and security: Clevedon hit by heartless criminals

If you live in Clevedon or even nearby, you’re probably only too familiar with the following story. The reason we are bringing attention to it again, is that it highlights the need for security in Clevedon – and reminds us that although Clevedon is a fairly close-knit community, there are still individuals in operation that aren’t bothered about destroying that reputation.

£500 worth of damage to charity vehicle

Criminal damage is appalling in any instance, and is something that Clevedon security companies are attempting to turn around. But when that damage hurts a charity whose only objective is to help those in need, the crime becomes amplified.

In June 2011, reported a vandal attack on a car that was clearly labelled as belonging to a charity fundraiser aiming to help raise funds for people who suffer blindness.

Mr Mills, who drove the vehicle, was surprised to find it covered in graffiti with its back door damaged. During the previous year, Mr Mills had managed to raise a whopping 6 figures for the charity – a selfless act, yet one that did not stop criminals from doing £500 worth of damage to his clearly labelled car.

Clevedon security is improving

Despite this sorry story, it is a relief to know that more and more individuals, charities and businesses in Clevedon are stepping up the game in terms of security for their assets, and more and more are utilising the services of professional security companies to not only place security guards to stand watch outside buildings, but also to provide access to a team of professionals ready to respond to alarms and emergencies.

Protect yourself

Although Clevedon security is getting tighter and more businesses are employing security guards to keep their businesses safe, it’s still important you arm yourself with safeguards to ensure you do not fall victim to similar crimes – criminals willing to actively and knowingly damage the property of a charity will stop at nothing.

  • Check your alarms. Make sure the alarms fitted to both your vehicles and your property are working, and if you don’t have an alarm, get one
  • Know your numbers. Of course, if you find yourself in an emergency, you already know to dial 999. But in the case of a less serious crime, make sure you know who to report it to. Clevedon police can be contacted by calling 01275 818181
  • If you’re in business, protect it. There are many services available to protect businesses in Clevedon; security companies and security guards are a perfect starting point and will be able to provide you with all the tools needed to protect you, your business and your staff

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